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Separate welding machinery for specific welding projects. 

Key Feature:

Our Lean Manufacturing Processes provide a streamlined flow from start to finish for all welding jobs. Reducing turnaround times.


Bepicon’s team of Qualified welders have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and are ready to meet all expectations.

The usage of MIG welding allows for a faster and easier manner of welding for larger and thicker metals. The usage of TIG welding allows for precise and accurate welding on smaller parts and materials (including stainless steel). Our facilities are fitted and capable of performing both processes with a competitive standard focused on delivering the highest possible quality. 


We provide facilities for welding of Carbon Mild steel as well as Stainless Steel.

MIG is generally seen as being easier to perform as well as being faster and better for welding thick materials.

TIG welding offers greater control and precision, is better for thinner materials and offers neater welds with little finishing required.

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Our highly qualified team of welders & boilermakers
are equipped to work on all of your
welding-specific projects.

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The bending of sheet metal and platework.

Separate welding machinery for specific welding projects.

Our team offers a complete fabrication solution, through a variety of manufacturing processes and machinery.

The usage of CNC machinery for high precision welding projects.

The cutting of materials, up to 70mm in thickness, including bevel cutting capabilities.

The manufacturing of certified products specifically utilised within the telecommunications industry.

Work less. Trust Bepicon.