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The bending of sheet metal and platework.

Key Feature:

Our top of the range machinery is well suited for high volume repetitive part production. 


We use a computerised bending process as well as a manual QC process to ensure high accuracy of all bending parts.

Our CNC brake press machine allows the bending of plate metal from minute to large plates and sheets. This allows sheet metal to be reshaped from a flattened state into any basic component.


Our CNC Press brake can bend materials from 1mm to 20mm Thick (Depending on Part Length)

Maximum press force 280 tonnes.

Our Trumpf press brake can accommodate part up to 5m in length ( Depending on Part Thickness)

We can bend Carbon Mild Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminium and Diamond Plate materials

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Trumpf 8230 CNC Press Brake, Bending Machine

Bending Length

Maximum 5m bending length capacity

Bending Thickness

Maximum 20mm in thickness bending capacity

Press Force

280 tonnes


| machine in action

Bending capacity is fluctuated by the complexity and
specifications of the project.

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The bending of sheet metal and platework.

Separate welding machinery for specific welding projects.

Our team offers a complete fabrication solution, through a variety of manufacturing processes and machinery.

The usage of CNC machinery for high precision welding projects.

The cutting of materials, up to 70mm in thickness, including bevel cutting capabilities.

The manufacturing of certified products specifically utilised within the telecommunications industry.

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